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Kilner Vacuumation is the longest serving vacuum lifting company in the UK. Our aim is to provide vacuum lifting equipment for the varied lifting and handling needs of industry today. We can supply glass lifters, plate lifters, concrete lifters and manual handling equipment. Whatever your industry, whether your needs are simple or complex, we have a range of products to fulfil your requirements. Our products bring together a diverse range of vacuum lifting equipment including glass lifters, steel plate lifters, and lifters for concrete, wood, plastics, coils, sacks and much more.

Click on the examples below or browse our product area as a starting point. We also offer comprehensive training, servicing, inspections and spares for all our vacuum lifting equipment from our factory in Derbyshire UK.

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Glass Lifters
Vacuum Plate Lifters
Concete Vacuum Lifters
Coil vacuum Lifting
Manual Lifting
Glass Lifters
Steel Plate
Coil Lifting


Vacuum Lifter Training

Need training? We can provide training for all types of vacuum lifting equipment.


Servicing, Inspections & Spares

Get your LOLER inspections carried out by our experienced service engineers. We will provide a thourough examination report and service record.


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