Vacuum Lifting Cylinders

Vacuum lifting cylinders for automated lifting, stacking and separating of sheet materials.

Vacuum Lifting Cylinders

Vacuum lifting cylinders are connected to a vacuum generator (ejector or vacuum pump). The vacuum is applied through a three-way valve that should be mounted in close proximity to the lifting cylinder. The piston of the latter moves out instantaneously until the lip of the suction cup makes positive contact with the workpiece, whereupon it snaps back to ist starting position. The workpiece is held until the valve cuts off the vacuum, causing the workpiece to drop.

Uses of Lifting Cylinders

  • Lifting and stacking a great variety of flat workpieces (e.g. cardboard, veneer, wood, glass and metal sheets)
  • Separating sheets of paper and plastic foil
  • Removing parts from injection-molding dies
  • Printing, packaging and CD/DVD industries are preferable fields of application

Practical benefits

  • The entire work cycle is controlled by application of the vacuum.
  • No additional valves or cylinders are required.
  • Brief cycle times, since additonal lifting cylinders are not needed.
  • Vacuum penetration of porous parts is prevented by brief cycle times.
  • Leveling out of height differences on workpiece.
  • Maintenance-free due to special slide bearings (IGUSĀ® ).

PDF Download: Vacuum Lifting Cylinders

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