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Vacuum Grippers

Vacuum gripper plates and heads for lifting multiple items such as jars, tins, pails and cartons.

The lifting of layers of objects such as boxes glasses and jars can be effectively achieved by the use of vacuum gripper plates. VUSS vacuum grippers utilize a revolutionary, patented valve system which applies suction only to the required areas. The self closing valves operate automatically without the need for electric signalling or programing making them easy to integrate into any production line.

Uses of vacuum grippers

  • Lifting & palletizing full or partial layers of items, such as glasses, tin cans, cartons, jars etc.
  • Lifting randomly spaced items such as planks of wood or timber.
  • Gentle handling of delicate objects such as glassware and food tubs.
  • Reliable lifting of rough surfaces

Practical Benefits

Lift many items at once

  • Gentle handling
  • Low maintenance - Valves resistant to dust & dirt, easily replaced in minutes.
  • Save upto 50% less energy compared to other systems.
  • Reduced weight means less wear and tear on robotic systems.
  • No requirement to stock spare plates or return to factory for service.
  • Vacuum gripper plates are being used to lift the following:

Boxes, cartons, tin cans, tubs, glasses, jars, pales, paint buckets, timber, planks, pots and trays.

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