The Principle of Vacuum Lifting

How vacuum lifting works & its uses

What is Vacuum Lifting?

You are under more pressure than you think! In fact everything on Planet Earth is resisting a force of 1 atmosphere (101.3 Kpa.) at sea level. This means that a force of 101.3 KN is acting on an area of 1 square metre. This constant energy force provided by nature is utilised by Kilner Vacuumation vacuum lifting devices. The power of vacuum is harnessed by using specially designed vacuum pads to grip the load.


Vacuum pads can be used individually or in multiples to suit the lifting operation.and can be built into special lifting frames called Vacuum Beams. These beams are suspended from overhead lifting gear, hoists, fork lift trucks or built into special purpose vacuum transfer machines.

Another type of vacuum lifting device uses vacuum to lift and grip the article or load, eliminating the need for a conventional hoist. This equipment was specially designed for manual handling applications and is called 'LIFTMATE'. See manual handling in our product area.

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