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Vacuum Lifting News

Fork Mounted Vacuum Manipulator

March 10, 2009

Heavy duty steel doors can be difficult to install. This self contained vacuum lifter overcomes this awkward task allowing opeators to lift the door from any position and orientate it for placement.

Curved Surface Vacuum Lifter

December 15, 2008

This lifter has been designed to handle curved profile panels within the uk aircraft industry. Special vacuum pads mounted on ball joint assemblies allow the panels to be lifted from either flat, convex or concave surfaces. An electric actuator facilitates turning the load from horizontal to vertical and a manual slew is also provided. The device is battery powered.


Glass Shop Vacuum Lifter

August 7, 2008

Designed for small to medium sized glazing companies, this battery powered vacuum lifting frame can be used on any crane without the need for mains electricity. Handling glass sheets up to 360Kgs in weight with the facility to lift from stillages and lay down on cutting tables.

Vacuum Lifting Tube For Bagged Loads

July 23, 2008

The Liftmate vacuum lifting tube system has always provided superior grip on sacks and bags thanks to our unique vacuum head design. Now a leading UK manufacturer of  white goods is benefitting from this. Shrink bagged tumble dryers weighing up to 38Kgs are being lifted securely and with ease at a rate of up to 500 per hour. The system enables one man to safely lift and stack the dryers removing the risk of back injury and reducing product damage. 

Hitachi 395 'Bullet' Train Windscreen Vacuum Lifter

October 8, 2007

This lifter has been designed specifically for use in the replacement of windscreens for the Hitachi 395. The 140kg curved windscreens and smaller upper skylight windows can be lifted from packing cases and angled accurately by push button control for insertion into the aperture. The vacuum lifter is totally battery powered and fitted with radio controls enabling the equipment to be used on any available crane.

The Hitachi 395 has been introduced on the High Speed 1 line between Ashford & St Pancras, 26 trains in total will be deployed on the Kent network by South Eastern High Speed Services.


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