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Vacuum Lifting News

Battery Powered Vacuum Lifters

June 18, 2009

Kilner Vacuumation has manufactured battery powered vacuum lifting equipment for over 30 years, we continually add models to our range and integrate new & improved technologies in our products. This compact vacuum lift was designed to handle various sizes of alloy slabs for use in a c.n.c machine shop. The lifter is contained within a protected shell and incorporates a storage stand which also acts as a guiding handle.

Vacuum Sheet Tilter

April 25, 2009

This sheet vacuum lifter has been designed to lift various sized metal sheet and plate up to 6.5m x 2.5m x 150Kgs in weight. The vacuum pad matrix is adjustable, vacuum pads can be moved in 'x' -'y' allowing holes and cut outs to be avoided. This model can be supplied in either mains powered or as a battery vacuum lifter.


Fork Mounted Vacuum Manipulator

March 10, 2009

Heavy duty steel doors can be difficult to install. This self contained vacuum lifter overcomes this awkward task allowing opeators to lift the door from any position and orientate it for placement.

Curved Surface Vacuum Lifter

December 15, 2008

This lifter has been designed to handle curved profile panels within the uk aircraft industry. Special vacuum pads mounted on ball joint assemblies allow the panels to be lifted from either flat, convex or concave surfaces. An electric actuator facilitates turning the load from horizontal to vertical and a manual slew is also provided. The device is battery powered.


Glass Shop Vacuum Lifter

August 7, 2008

Designed for small to medium sized glazing companies, this battery powered vacuum lifting frame can be used on any crane without the need for mains electricity. Handling glass sheets up to 360Kgs in weight with the facility to lift from stillages and lay down on cutting tables.

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