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Vacuum Lifting News

Vacuum Lifting Tube For Bagged Loads

July 23, 2008

The Liftmate vacuum lifting tube system has always provided superior grip on sacks and bags thanks to our unique vacuum head design. Now a leading UK manufacturer of  white goods is benefitting from this. Shrink bagged tumble dryers weighing up to 38Kgs are being lifted securely and with ease at a rate of up to 500 per hour. The system enables one man to safely lift and stack the dryers removing the risk of back injury and reducing product damage. 

Hitachi 395 'Bullet' Train Windscreen Vacuum Lifter

October 8, 2007

This lifter has been designed specifically for use in the replacement of windscreens for the Hitachi 395. The 140kg curved windscreens and smaller upper skylight windows can be lifted from packing cases and angled accurately by push button control for insertion into the aperture. The vacuum lifter is totally battery powered and fitted with radio controls enabling the equipment to be used on any available crane.

The Hitachi 395 has been introduced on the High Speed 1 line between Ashford & St Pancras, 26 trains in total will be deployed on the Kent network by South Eastern High Speed Services.


Pedestrian Vacuum Lifter For Windows & Doors

September 13, 2007

Installing windows and patio doors in portable buildings has been made easier using this mobile vacuum lifting device. The totally self contained vacuum lifting frame allows window units and patio doors to be lifted using a manual winch. The load can be pushed by operators to the installation point without the need for overhead cranes. This makes the equipment especially useful in low headroom factories.

Hot Lead Vacuum Lifting Beams

August 19, 2007

Three 8.6 tonne capacity vacuum lifting beams designed to lift hot lead slabs have just been delivered a s part of a 20m car battery recycling facility. The lead ingots measuring 2480mm x 1640mm are to be lifted out of moulding beds at up to 200°c. The picture shows one of the vacuum lifting beams being proof load tested to a 17.32 Tonnes proof load test.

The facility in north Wales is equipped with the technology required to process up to 70,000 tonnes of car batteries a year, and effectively dispose of potentially hazardous waste in the most environmentally friendly way. The plant employ more than 130 people, the majority of them from the local community.

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